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Disposable gloves 100pc pack

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Disposable gloves 100pc
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Free Hand Sanitizer-30ml with each Order ( Until Stock Last)

  • Indus Valley Disposable Hand Gloves made of PVC material, Pack of 100 pcs.
  • Firm grip, hand gloves to reduce dirt and contamination.
  • Latex-free, powder-free gloves, causes no irritation or allergy to skin, skin-safe Transparent Hand gloves.
  • Gloves for both left and right hand, Universal Size.
  • Multipurpose use: For cleaning, planting, hair dyeing, food handling, medical uses, etc.

Indus Valley Disposal Hand Gloves, 100 Pcs. Pack, Quality graded, made of Polyvinyl Chloride at affordable price. These Disposable hand gloves keep your hand clean and dirt-free thus keep germs and bacteria at bay. Use the hand gloves for food handling, hair dyeing, Agriculture, dental or medical purposes that will prevent the skin damage and keep your hand skin clean and dirt-free.

During this epidemic, using of hand gloves is must while purchasing, exchange of goods, feeding animals or even exchanging a currency. This will protect you from an infected person or from touching the surface or thing that may carry the germs/bacteria. Hand Gloves allows no germs to touch your skin, acts as a barrier between your skin and germs/bacteria. Use the hand gloves and even after removing or before wearing it clean your hand with soap.

  • Disposable gloves are easy to fit and a fine grip, non-slippery, easy to hold goods or things wearing it.
  • Soft PVC material used, powder-free hand gloves cause no allergy or harshness to the skin.
  • High-Quality Hand gloves, comfortable for daily use, widely used for medical and cleaning purposes.
  • Reduce the risk of potential dust and contamination, keep your skin safe and healthy thus keeps you disease-free.


How to use:

Wash your hands with shampoo and air dries them. Wear disposable hand gloves for marketing cleaning or any purpose. Also, after removing the hand gloves wash your hands with soap and water or can sanitize them with sanitizer.


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  • Q:Sir/ madam. Are you manufacturing poly gloves & household gloves.
  • Q:Is it made in india or some other country?
    A:Made in India.
  • Q:Is it safe to wear this mask outside?
    A:yes. it's safe to use.
  • Q:Will this fit on my hand? My hand size is 11” x 19” inches (Width x Length)
  • Q:Is a medium size available?
    A:It's universal size.
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