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Natural Hair Colour Black 1.0

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  • Get the amazing experience of DAMAGE-FREE Hair Colouring with India’s only 100% natural hair color, INDUS VALLEY GEL COLOUR BLACK1.0.
  • Ammonia-Free – Ammonia in chemical hair dyes damages the hair and makes them brittle, leading to hair fall. Gel Colour Black 1.0 is an ammonia-free natural hair dye, thus it is Extra-Safe and Gentle.
  • No More Bleaching – Hydrogen Peroxide in chemical hair colours bleaches the hair, thus promoting the graying of hair. GEL COLOUR BLACK 1.0 doesn’t bleach. It maintains the blackness of your natural Black hair.
  • Organic Certified Ingredients – Formulated with Organic Certified herbs the Gel is a DOCTOR RECOMMENDED product.
  • 100% Grey Coverage – The gel provides 100% grey hair coverage in just a single application.  

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ORGANICALLY NATURAL INDUS VALLEY GEL COLOUR BLACK 1.0 is a Damage-Free Natural Hair Color.It offers the darkest shades of black with 100% grey coverage over a one-time application. Unlike chemical hair dyes, Indus Valley Hair Colour is Ammonia-Free, PPD-Free, Hydrogen Peroxide-Free, and is free of all other harmful metallic salts that damage the hair shafts. The Gel is an assemblage of 8 certified organic herbs that synergistically give a healthy boost to hair along with vibrant colours. It also provides complete protection from the sun and from pollution damage,while helping soothe even the chemically damaged hair. Certified by Bio-Natural,it is an organic hair color that is highly recommended by Doctors. Available in 25+ countries,it is affordable and comes with a complete multi-application colouring kit. The kit includes four sachets of Hair Colour Powder(5 gm each), one aloe Orange Gel Tube (120 ml), two hair Eaze Spa Mask Sachets (15 ml each), one Colour Protective Shampoo Conditioner(50 ml), One Pair of Gloves, one Application Brush with a Comb and an Instruction Leaflet. The rich vibrancy of Gel Colour lasts for as long as five weeks over a single application making it one of the most convenient and the best hair color for women and men.

No Ammonia and No Added Parabens

Ammonia is the most common chemical found in permanent chemicalhairdyes that causes severe damage to hair. Ammonia is responsible for the swelling up of the hair cuticles. It opens up the cuticles present in the outer layer of hairs so that the colour gets deposited in the inner layer. This goes with the common understanding that higher the absorption of hair colour better is the lasting capacity of the hair dye, whileammonia comes with its own ill effects. In the long run, Ammonia damages the hair cortex and makes your hair go rough, dry and weak. Also, Ammonia causes a pungent smell which can highly irritate your senses. On the Contrary, GEL COLOUR gives a very-pleasant, sweet smell of fresh oranges which leaves a very memorable experience. Ammonia-free GEL COLOUR is a semi-permanent hair colour that does not require the opening up of the cuticles for long-lasting results. Instead, its pigment and herbs containing oxygen get polymerized and provide Damage-Free colouration.

Natural Ingredients for Natural Hair Colouring

With the presence of 8 organic herbs, the effects of Gel Colour are super nourishing and damage-free. The sachets of Gel Colour powder consist of a blend of nutritious and pigmented herbs with high oxygen carrying capacities. The oxygen and the pigments get activated when mixed with the Aloe Vera Orange gel provided in the tube, depositing rich shiny colour on the hair shaft, without altering its natural pigment. This is how GEL COLOUR acts gently on the hair shaft and also colours the hair without damaging its cuticles. Organic Herbs in the Gel colour leaves your hair naturally shiny, healthy and vibrant. The herbs protect the hair from all damages before, during and after colouration. The Organically Natural hair Colour with its Organic Certified Ingredients provides Natural hair nourishment and a lively hair colour.

Highly Recommended by Doctors

ORGANICALLY NATURAL INDUS VALLEY GEL COLOUR BLACK 1.0 is India’s only Damage-free Natural Hair Color that is highly recommended by doctors. Due to the absence of harmful chemicals it is Extra-safe and Gentle. Gel BlackNaturalHair Colour is made with 8 organic herbs and has no chemicals, which makes it absolutely harmless and gentle to use. Still, those allergic to any herb or vegetable are recommended a48-hour patch test before use. The vibrancy of Gel Colour lasts for up to 5 weeks.Gel Colour, with its organic certified herbs, protects hair from damages. It improves hair texture, while adding a noticeable bounce worth flaunting.

Bleach-Free Gel Colour

Gel Colour is free of Hydrogen Peroxide (bleaching agent). Hair colour containing Hydrogen Peroxide attack the enzyme tyrosinase on the scalp, by oxidizing an amino acid called methionine. As a result, tyrosinase, which is normally responsible for the synthesis of the colouring pigment melanin, stops functioning, resulting in a gradual loss of pigments in the entire hair strand from root to tip. Oxidation by hydrogen peroxide not only interferes with the production of melanin but also inhibits other enzymes that are needed for repair of damaged proteins. Hydrogen peroxide bleaches the complete hair, whether Grey or Black.That’s why Hair Colours with Hydrogen Peroxide turn even normal black hair into grey. GEL COLOUR, on the other hand, produces oxygen, which supports the production of natural melanin. That’s why GEL COLOUR never turns your natural Black Hair into Grey.

Whats in the box

Natural Ingredients


How to Use

  1. Pre-shampoo your hair and towel dry. Mix sachets of hair color powder and gel tube in a plastic bowl (quantity depending on hair length) with glove-covered hands. One sachet with quarter gel tube for neck length hair, two sachets with half a tube for shoulder length and three to four sachets with more than half of gel tube for longer hair.
  2. Apply the mixture with the help of 2-in-1 applicator brush. Using a comb part each section, and apply the mix from root to tip and rest it for 30-35 minutes. For the stubborn greys, also apply heat or blow dry for the first 10-15 minutes. Then, keep it for another 30-35 minutes.
  3. Wash hair under running water. Then shampoo with the colour protective shampoo.
  4. After shampooing, apply Hair Eaze Spa Mask for hair conditioning. Rinse with water and towel dry.

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  • Q:Is it organic?
    A:Yes, It contains certified organic herbs like Basil, Henna & Amla.
  • Q:It is 95% natural, what are the rest 5% ingredients?
    A:Dear Pk, Gel Colour is 90% natural & rest 10% ingredients are gel stablisers, pigments & safer preservatives.
  • Q:Is it safe to use for eczema patients
    A:Dear Sanjay, Yes as it doesn't contain harmful ingredients like PPD, hydrogen Peroxide &Ammonia, etc
  • Q:What Is The Difference between Gel Hair Color and 100% Botanical Hair Color?

    Gel hair colors are natural & Botanical Hair color is Organic. Gel Hair Colour is free of harmful chemicals like ammonia, PPD or Hydrogen peroxide. 100% Botanical Organic hair color is free from any chemical whatsoever.



    1. Perfect for first-time users.
    2. 100% Gray hair coverage with rich coloration.
    3. Results in a single application.
    4. Extra Safe, Gentle hair color with certified organic herbs.
    5. Perform allergy patch test as some people might be allergic to any vegetable or herb present in the color.


    1. Meant for people who had allergies with any hair color in the past.
    2. 100% Certified Organic, Provides Color & Treatment in one go.
    3. Great for young people with initial gray hair.
    4. Presence of henna + 7 more herbs (for coloring, hair nourishment & treatment)
  • Q:How to use Gel Hair Color?
    1. Pre-shampoo to cleanse your hairs.
    2. Prepare a blend of hair color powder and gel tube mix (quantity depending on hair length). One sachet with quarter gel tube for neck length, 2 sachets with half tube for shoulder length and 3
      to 4 sachets with more than half a gel tube for further lengths.
    3. Apply the paste and keep it for 30-35 minutes.
    4. Wash the residue with water and color protective shampoo provided in the box.
    5. After shampooing, apply Hair spa mask (provided in the box) to towel dry hair and leave it for
      another 15 minutes with or without heat and then rinse with water.
  • Q:Is it purely organic. I have alergy to chemicals such as PPD , Peroxides, Ammonia, diamenes etc. Is it safe for me.
    A:Indus Valley Gel hair Colors are extra safe natural hair colors free of all harmful chemicals like PPD, Ammonia, Hydrogen peroxide and others.
  • Q:What are The Ingredients In Gel Hair Color?

    Aloe Honey Gel: Aqua, Aloe Vera, Honey, sunflower oil, orange peel oil, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil

    Herbal Permanent hair color powder: Amla, organic henna, basil leaf powder, coconut oil

    Hair Eaze Spa Mask: Aqua, wheat gram extract, sweet almond oil,

  • Q:How long does the color last if you wash it weekly?
    A:3 to 5 weeks.
  • Q:Organic is ?
    A:Yes , it is.
  • Q:Is it safe to use it for mustache and beard for men?
    A:Yes. It is ok.
  • Q:Can it be used on coloured hair???
    A:Yes, can be used.
  • Q:After using packet can we keep it for next use
    A:Yes, you can kindly go through the leaflet for detail information.
  • Q:All brands of hair dye is alargic for me. So which one should i use?

    If you are allergic to hair colors, we suggest our botanical hair color as it is specially designed for allergic people.

  • Q:If this is ppd free then how it gives black colour?
    A:Yes, it is PPD free.
  • Q:How to order the product?
    A:You Can order directly from our website.
  • Q:Does the hair color contain indigo?
    A:No, it does not contain indigo.
  • Q:Can I get a small pack (don't mind paying for it) to test the product if I am allergic to it or not?

    Yes, a small pack is available in this color , you can order Natural Black 1.00 small pack from this link.

  • Q:No other colors are available

    We have total 6 shades available in our gel hair color, you can choose any shade as according to your need.

  • Q:Will this work on roots as root touch up .
    A:Yes, definitely it will work for roots and root touch up.
  • Q:What about other colors ? Any new range like ASH... GREY...

    We have a total of 12 colors available on our website 6 are available to buy directlyl,

    Rest 6

    1. Dark Blonde 6.0
    2. Medium Blonde 7.0
    3. Dark Copper Blonde 7.4
    4. Light Blonde 8.0
    5. Medium Copper Blonde 8.4
    6. Lightest Blonde 9.0

    Are available on call, +91-9717123456 or mail



  • Q:can I wash it off after 15 minutes? Or is there a 10 minute dye like this One?
    A:You need to keep it for 30 mins and for resistant gray hair, we suggest to apply for 5mins more.
  • Q:Is it safe for people who are generally allergic to hair dyes

    If you are allergic to hair dyes, we suggest you, buy only our botanical hair color as it is especially for those who are allergic to hair dyes.

  • Q:can I apply it once in a week, will it be harmful to use so frequently?
    A:Yes. u can apply weekly as this is damage free gentle hair color.
  • Q:My skin is super sensitive. I tried most of the hair dyes available in market. All of the affected my skin with severe itching causing bubbles. Will Indus Valley help solve my problem

    If you are super sensitive to hair colors, we suggest you'll go with our botanical hair color, as they 100% chemical-free.

  • Q:Do you have black brown shade.

    Yes, we have total 6 shades in gel hair color.

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