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Natural Hair Color - 6 Shades

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  • Damage free natural gel hair color.
  • No harmful chemicals like PPD, Ammonia and it's free of all heavy metals thus Safe & Gentle.
  • 100% Grey Hair Coverage, Amazing Gel formulated Color with an experience of nature.
  • Formation of 9 Certified herbs to give an amazing experience of natural hair color.
  • Full of Beautiful and nourishing herbs provides nourishment and moisturization to scalp and hair.
  • Doctors Tested & Recommended. 
  • For everyone, every new to regular users. Gentle for all skin, no harmful effects.

The hair got well-nourished and stunningly beautiful experience Hair is nurtured with penetrating nutrients and shield against harmful UV rays, dirt and pollution while making vibrant colors lived long due to the fusion of herbs in it and good for strands grow out. I make horrible hair Beautiful. All-natural Hair color enriched with the essential minerals and nutrients due to presence of herbs. Blend with nine fresh & natural botanical herbs provide damage protection enable a rich, radiant and long-lasting color, volume and shine to the hair. These permanent hair colors are hassle-free, budget-friendly and also give good results.

Indus Valley Natural Hair Color incorporates with herbs plant extracts filled with proteins and nutrients to penetrate the hair and scalp without causing the damage of PPD, Ammonia, Hydrogen peroxide or other chemicals. Herbs provide the nutrients to give your hair that natural shine and vibrancy along with healthy coloration. Excellently provide stubborn grey faded hair coverage in a single application. Hair got shield against harmful UV rays, dirt, and pollution with the presence of anti-sun herbs & fruits that keep scalp hydrate while making vibrant colors lived long. Due to the fusion of herbs in it, the natural hair color contributes to provide volume, health, vitality and bouncy texture to the hair. Indus Valley Gel hair colors are ideal for people with hectic schedules or who do not want to invest a lot of time or energy in coloring or maintaining their hair. These Permanent hair colors save you from the hassle of coloring the hair frequently.

This hair color comes with a variety of colours and there is something for everyone, right from natural-looking shades to vibrant hues. They’re easy to use, inexpensive and are available commonly. Additionally, one has a choice to pick from a variety of colors according to their choice within a budget.

Black Hair Color: Black is a hair color for younger, smarter look suits every tone perfectly. This hair color compliments almost every tone, every age and every gender equally and enthusiastically especially to the Indian skin.

Burgundy Hair Color: Cooler burgundy shades that contain lots of red and violet look best on people with brown tones are beautiful on complexions that are peachy or golden.

Dark brown Hair Color:  Color that suits every skin just like Black but is different than regular black hair. Going with a darker hair color helps bring out your facial features by providing a contrasting background.

Medium Brown Hair Color: For those who love brown but want hair color not too dark, nor too light. Amazingly suits every skin tone. Deep rich browns like chocolate as a base are a smart choice for cool personalities.

Light Brown Hair Color: Going with light natural brown highlights or full hair compliments the face. Large, gentle waves add elegance to the look. Natural Brown hair with light brown tone highlights gives your strands tone of dimension.

Copper Mahogany Hair Color: Pretty Cool, Warm and Beautiful Shade. If you have a cool skin tone, copper mahogany would look best on you.

All Coloration Accessories Available With a Pack:

Indus Valley improvised this natural hair color to gives you a wonderful and true experience of natural hair color thus fearlessly reveal its ingredients and making. Providing customers the genuine natural hair coloration experience meanwhile to save people from chemicals and to save their money so the pack is available with all the requirements needed for the hair coloration.



Aloe Honey Gel Tube: Aqua Water(Himalayan Spring Water), Sunflower Oil, Orange Peel Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, and Jojoba Oil and gel forming agents like Guar Gum, Aloe Vera Leaf juice, and Mel (Honey), and some mild pigments and preservatives.

Herbal Hair Color Powder: Certified Organic Amla Powder, Certified Organic Henna, Basil Leaf Powder, Coconut Oil, and Citric Acid.

Hair Eaze Spa Mask: Aqua (Himalayan Spring Water), Wheatgerm extract, Hydrolysed Wheat protein, and Sweet Almond Oil.

Color Protective Shampooing Conditioner: Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Soya Beans Protein, Glycerine and some mild Foaming agents like Coco Betaine and others.



Amazing Aloe Honey Gel Tube

Aloe Gel tube is constituents of Aqua Water (Himalayan Spring Water), Sunflower Oil, Orange Peel Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, and Jojoba Oil and gel-forming agents like Guar Gum, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, and Mel (Honey), and some mild pigments and preservatives. This is a special addition to a hair color that makes you enjoy the hair coloration with its appealing fruity aroma of sweet Oranges that you enjoy keeping the color on the head. Divided into four segments to easily measure the quantity according to your hair length.


Base Natural Hair Color Sachets

Pack Contains 4 sachets of hair color. Natural hair color prepared with the goodness of Organic Amla, Henna, Basil and coconut oil that presents long-lasting vibrant hair color with glossy hair texture meanwhile provides essential nutrients to the hair maintaining hair color vibrancy. Also it contains citric acid that promotes natural hair growth. The hair color if free of all harmful chemicals thus provides you the experience of Happy coloration with no itching & irritation.


Color Protective Shampooing Conditioner

Aloe Vera and Soya based Shampoo + Conditioner is a multi-functioning shampoo that protects the hair and hair color from all damages either heat or dirt and is helpful in other hair concerns like soothing the roughness and dryness. Valuable ingredients are Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Soya Beans Protein, Glycerine and some mild Foaming agents like Coco Betaine and others. Keep your hair gently soft and being Soap/alkali Free, it is tear-free shampoo makes your hair color lasts long with the goodness of essential ingredients promoting hair quality too.


Hair Conditioning Spa Masks

Chemical-free hair smoothening Hair spa masks, best alternative of chemical conditioners assembles with Aqua (Himalayan Spring Water), Wheatgerm Extract, Hydrolysed Wheat protein, and Sweet Almond Oil. Spa masks will give extra conditioning, improvised for the one who wants ultimate smooth and shiny hairs. The spa masks are best suitable to completely damaged hair and want to get extra smoothness after the coloration, and then they can apply this spa for extreme smoothness to the hair.


Instruction Leaflet

The leaflet with proper guidance and product knowledge for the usage and directions of hair color. Also, it has an answer to all queries that may come to your mind regarding the Gel Hair Color


Applicator Brush with Comb

Comfort & Stylish Two-in-One Applicator Brush with Comb for your convenience so that you don’t have to purchase any separate comb for the coloration.


Pair Of Gloves

Gloves pair to save your hand from staining and will give you safe and happy coloration.


Why Gel Hair Color ?

Still if you’re not sure to opt the Gel Hair Color , So we will let love to let you know that this Natural Based Gel hair color can replace any chemical hair color/dye with the ease and provides equally luxuriously vibrant hair color but with no damage and with permanent nourishment.

The Color is specifically designed for the organic and nature lovers and to save those who are already surviving with chemically damaged hairs.

Certifications/ Tested/ Trusted

Indus Valley Gel Hair Color Certified with Organic India, Ecocert Pvt. Ltd. and USDA Organic. The gel is being laboratory tested for safety and purity but we are strictly against animal testing. Gel hair color is recommended by Dermatologists or doctors worldwide.


Multiple Application Kit


Sachet + 1/4 Tube = upto Neck Lenth Hair

Sachets + 1/2 Tube = upto Shoulder Lenth Hair

Sachets + 3/4 Tube = upto Arm Pit Lenth Hair

Sachet + Complete Tube = upto Mid Back Lenth Hair

How to Use


  1. Pre-shampoo your hair to cleanse the grime.
  2. Prepare a blend of hair color powder and gel tube mix (quantity depending on hair length). One sachet with quarter gel tube for neck length, 2 sachets with half tube for shoulder length and 3 to 4 sachets with more than half a gel tube for further lengths.
  3. Apply the paste with the help of 2-in-1 applicator brush and comb by gloves covered hand.
  4. Keep it for 30-35 minutes.
  5. Wash the residue with water and color protective shampoo.
  6. After shampooing, apply spa masks to dry scalp and hair and leave for 15 minutes with or without heat and then rinse with water.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q How long does it stay?
    It will stay on hair like permanent hair colors say 3 to 5 weeks. As the pack is for multiple applications so you can touch up your hair with a balanced portion. 

  2. Q Does this hair color get faded after using shampoo on a daily basis?
    A Best to use Indus Valley Color protective Shampoo that is available with the pack and also separately available helps the hair color stays long.
  1. Q What’s color qty. inbox and how many times can use on men's hair?
    A The color includes Colouring Gel 120ml & Colouring powder 20g. Further, it has 50ml color-protecting shampoo & 30ml Hair Spa mask & kit includes a brush with comb and gloves. total 220g. This can be easily used for 4 times to men hair & beard.  
  1. Q What is the expiry date/shelf life of the product?
    A 1-1/2 years is the shelf life or expiry of the Indus Valley Gel Colour. 'Buy Organic' is authorized online distributor for Indus Valley products & hence you always get fresh products (mostly 1-2-month-old only).
  1. Q Can I open the powder sachet for the patch test and use it after 48 hours?
    A Yes. You can use it after making the following procedure. After using the sachet for a patch test, fold the sachet completely multiple times. Tie with a rubber band & keep in the refrigerator for 48 hrs to use it at the earliest. 
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  • Q:Is it 100% free from chemicals?
    A:It is free from harmful chemicals NO PPD, No Ammonia, No Hydrogen Peroxide, No Heavy Metal
  • Q:Are there any ingredients that are not listed on the label?
    A:No, everything is mentioned on Label.
  • Q:It has any side effects
    A:No, it does not have any side effects, but still, we suggest to do a patch test before.
  • Q:it is said that this color is 90% natural then what about remaining 10%
    A:10% are gel stabilizer, pigments and preservatives.
  • Q:Can it be applied on heena based hair
    A:Yes, you can apply.
  • Q:Can the gel hair dye be stored once we open one sachet for men with short hair.
    A:Opened sachet can't be stored but opened gel is ok to store.
  • Q:It has base of mehndi???
    A:No, Indus Valley Gel Hair Color is not based on mehndi.
  • Q:Does it cause hairfall
    A:No, it does not, many happy customers are using it.
  • Q:Other hair color increase the grey hair after every usage. Will this have the same effect?
    A:No, it is for covering grey hair.
  • Q:I m using l'oreal hair clour no 4...according to this which shade suits me from your shade card
    A:You can choose any shade as according to your hair color, However we suggest 1 shade lighter than your hair color.
  • Q:As I am regular user of L'Oréal dark brown colour so cn I used this product?
    A:You can it according to your color of your hair.
  • Q:If I apply this on black hair ,will I get a vibrant red hair colour?
    A:This will give red tinge on the black hair. Not red colour on black.
  • Q:My 12 year old daughter has premature grey hair. Can I use this hair color for her? Will it increase grey hair like other hair colours?
    A:Gel color doesn't contain hydrogen peroxide and hence it will never increase gray hair.
  • Q:Is there compulsory to use indus valley hair eaze spa after gel colouring ?
    A:No, it is not compulsory but you can use it for better results.
  • Q:How many colors are available in this gel color?
    A:Total 6 Shades are available in Gel Hair Color.
  • Q:Is this color helpful to regrowth my hair?

    This is hair color, for hair growth use our growout hair oil.

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