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Henna Leaf Powder

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  • 100% Organic and Bio in nature.
  • Triple sifted powder with no granules for a smoother coloring experience.
  • Free from chemicals and synthetic fertilizers, Fresh Crop.
  • Gives required nourishment and conditions to the scalp and hair strands.
  • Fabulous Grey/ White Hair coverage.
  • Eliminates, dandruff, frizz and damage.
  • Most Natural Hair dye; An Herbal henna powder for an economic & safest coloring experience.
  • Certified by India Organic, ECOCERT.

Quantity : 100g

Indus Valley Henna Leaf Powder is a healthy, safe and most natural way to color hair strands. It will cover your gray hair giving them a natural-looking color. This natural henna hair dye is a triple sifted microfined henna powder with no granules to give you a smooth coloring experience. Organic Henna Leaf Powder can be used for Art & Design mehandi on hands and also responsible to provide rich coloration to hair along with smooth and shiny hair texture.

Bio Organic Henna Leaf powder by mixing with other henna colors like Indigo gives your hair rich shades of hair color. This prevents hair fall and seals the hair cuticles. It is considered to be a great product for hair fall issues. This not only works as a coloring agent but also thickens and cleans the hair shaft. It also cools down the scalp. Organic Henna Leaf Powder is a certified product by global organizations like ECOCERT, USDA Organic.

  • When used as a black dye, transforms white/faded hair into natural black due to its herbal properties with no chemical damage to the scalp.
  • Make hair shinier with each & every application due to deep conditioning effects.
  • Add gloss & luster to hair for beautiful hair looks.
  • Cures dandruff, itch, infection and dry flaky scalp due to its cooling & soothing effects.
  • All-in-One treatment for hair loss, hair growth, hair conditioning, hair coloring and premature graying.

Healthy & Beautiful Hair Locks

Not everybody knows that but yes henna is also responsible to enhance the blood circulation of the scalp that strengthens the hair from roots. Meanwhile, boost the flow of blood in scalp equally impacts in boosting rich hair growth presenting out lengthy healthy beautiful hair locks.

Non-Toxic Natural Hair Color with long-lasting impacts

Henna is a natural dye, in general, provides beautiful reddish-brown shade to hair but when mixed with Indigo powder can give different Black to Brown shade. Commercial hair color may contain harmful chemicals but henna is an herb that gives rich hair color with treatment to the hair. Also, it is damn good to darken faded/white hair naturally.

Lubricates, Softens & Conditions the hair

Organic Henna powder is a well-treating herbal powder soothes the scalp eliminating the itch, dryness and flaky scalp. Henna has ability to penetrate the hair shaft and soften the cuticles to improve hair shine and appearance of the hair.

Secret & Safest Hair mask to lessen hair fall

Due to sun heat & pollution, hair becomes more prone to hair breakage & other hair damages. Henna is a secret recipe that can be added to all hair therapies for hair treatment and nourishment. It is a flexible herb that can be mixed with curd, water, other herbal powder and other hair care ingredients.

Improves hair Resilience, cures dandruff

Also, a natural treatment to dandruff provides cooling effects to the scalp, hydrates the hair for length & growth. Constant hairstyling with a thermal appliance and hair coloring with chemical hair colors, Henna nourishes all the damage and toughen the roots avoiding hair fall maintaining hair elasticity.

Replenishing & Rejuvenating

The damage, frizzy, dry and faded hair need is only the soothing calming magical Henna herb to relief the scalp and hair from all these concerns. Side-effect free natural Henna powder replenish the patchy bald scalp for fuller, thicker hair looks and restores the life back to lifeless unhealthy hair. It transforms the damage into lustrous shine & gloss.

How to use:

  1. Prepare a thick paste of henna leaf powder by adding warm water to it.
  2. Stir it well and let the paste rest still for 2-3 hours.
  3. After, Mix it with a non metallic-spoon and then apply it on hair to every strand.
  4. Rest it on the head for 45-50 minutes.
  5. Rinse off under tap running plain water.


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  • Q:Difference between Henna leaf powder and Herbal Henna powder?
    • Henna Leaf powder is pure red henna based powder that can be use for hair coloration or for hands art & design.
    • Herbal Henna prepared with Henna +7 nourishing herbs only for hair nourishment.
  • Q:I easily got allergy from Hairs colors , so is it safe to use for me?

    For allergic people with hair colors, we suggest going with our botanical hair color

  • Q:Can it be used for the beard?

    For beard use our beard color

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