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Bio Organic HIBISCUS Flower Powder - (Net Quantity: 100 g)

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  • Net Quantity: 100 g
  • Manufactured and Packed By: Indus Cosmeceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
  • Address: 79, Industrial Area, Shoghi, Shimla - 171219, HP, India
  • Grievance Officer: Cust Rel Officer
  • Customer Care No.: +91-9717123456
  • Email:
  • Certified organic ingredients: 100% pure and organic Hibiscus (Rosa sinensis) Flower powder, certified organic by USDA Organic and ECOCERT
  • Only one ingredient: Contains only organically grown Hibiscus Flower powder and nothing else, no chemicals whatsoever, not even pesticide and fertilizer residues
  • Easy to use: Comes as a triple-sifted, microfine powder that does not form lumps even after prolonged packaging, easily forms into a paste
  • A power-packed skin healer: A powerful exfoliant that scrubs away dead skin cells and deep cleans the pores off dirt and pollutants, its rich antioxidants treat acne, lighten scars, fine lines and wrinkles, gives you spot-free, glowing, youthful skin
  • Repairs damaged hair: Penetrates deep and removes dead skin cells, dirt and pollutants from hair follicles, provides nutrition to damaged hair, conditions naturally, prevents premature greying and hair loss
  • Edible: Enriched with antioxidants and nutrients, the organic Hibiscus Flower powder is FSSAI certified, acts as a natural cooling agent, doctors recommend it for gallstone removal

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Well known for its pleasant aroma and beautiful colour, Hibiscus (Rosa sinensis) flowers are packed with lots of nutritional and anti-ageing properties. When powdered and used as a face mask, it works like a powerful exfoliant—deep cleanses and nourishes your skin. It works in a similar fashion when used on the scalp. To preserve all the natural qualities of the flower, Indus Valley’s Bio-Organic Hibiscus Flower Powder is made by selecting the best quality organically grown Hibiscus flowers. Fresh flowers are handpicked by dedicated farmers, which are then shade-dried for crushing. Once all the impurities are removed, the dried leaves are then crushed into a smooth powder form, which is further refined through a triple-sifting technique to give you a lump-free, microfine powder that is easy to make into a paste and apply. Free from all impurities and without any chemicals whatsoever, this 100% pure and organic Hibiscus flower powder is, thus, ideal for treating all common skin and hair related problems like premature ageing, premature greying, dullness, rough hair, dryness, suntan, hair damage, acne, pimples, scars, fine lines, wrinkles and many more. The antioxidant-rich formula effectively provides you a blemish-free, clean and glowing skin without any side effects. Indus Valley’s Organic Hibiscus Powder is also edible as it has FSSAI certification. Doctors recommend it as an edible formulation for removing gallstones.

Fresh Hibiscus Powder

Only one ingredient

Indus Valley’s Organic Hibiscus Flower Powder is derived from organically grown Hibiscus flowers that are handpicked by dedicated farmers for crushing. The flowers are cleaned and shade dried to maintain its nutrient content. The dried flowers are then crushed into a triple-sifted, microfine powder without using any chemicals, preservatives and fragrances. All of these ensure that the flower powder comes to you in its purest form without any chemicals whatsoever. The product is certified organic by USDA Organic and ECOCERT. It is also licensed by FSSAI to be used as an edible formulation for removing gallstones.

Hibiscus flower for hair and skin

A microfine powder that is easy to use

Indus Valley’s Organic Hibiscus Powder is the microfine and triple-sifted crushed residue of organically grown and handpicked Hibiscus flowers. To maintain the purity and essence of the flower, they are shade dried and then crushed. This ensures that the powder so obtained is lump-free, and remains so even on prolonged packaging. The superfine quality ensures that it is easy to make into a paste to be applied on the face and hair as a mask. Indus Valley’s Organic Hibiscus Flower Powder naturally beautifies your skin and hair without any side effects.

A power-packed skin healer

Hibiscus powder benefits for skin are endless and widely acclaimed by Dermatologists. Its rich antioxidant formula removes the dead skin cells, dirt and pollutants, and opens up the pores to soak in nutrition. Its powerful antioxidants then moisturize and condition your skin to lighten sun tans, dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines, making your skin soft, supple and glowing. Usage of Hibiscus powder for skin also protects you from the harmful UV rays of the sun, locks in moisture in your skin cells that lasts all day long and controls excess oil production to treat acne.

hibiscus for hair growth

Multiple hair benefits

Enriched with amino acids, Indus Valley’s Organic Hibiscus Flower Powder also heals your damaged hair. You can use it for hair growth. Regular application also controls excess oil production in the scalp, prevents dandruff and itchiness due to its antimicrobial properties. Its antioxidant formula also protects your hair and scalp from the harmful UV rays of the sun, dirt and pollutants, and also prevents premature greying of hair. Hibiscus powder when mixed with Henna powder for hair colouring strengthens your hair from the roots to prevent hair loss and hair damage.

Active Ingredients

Organic microfine powder of Hibiscus Flowers with no added preservatives or chemicals.

Directions for Use

To pamper your skin and hair, you can buy Hibiscus Powder online at an affordable price.

  • To make a Hibiscus powder hair mask, mix 2 tbsp of Hibiscus powder with 2 tbsp of Coconut Oil and water. Apply the paste on your hair for 15 minutes and then wash with water. Or, you can mix it with curd and apply the paste for hair conditioning once a week.
  • To make Hibiscus powder face mask, mix it with Aloe Vera gel and Lemongrass Oil. Apply this skin cleansing face mask for 15 mins. Then rinse it away with water to get a supple, glowing skin.

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  • Q:Can we use Hibiscus powder to cures stone?
    A:Indus Valley Bio Organic Hibiscus powder is great for hair care and skin care. Due to the fact it’s Organic and certified from FSSAI as food item & hence many of our happy customers are taking this Organic Hibiscus powder to cure kidney stone and getting good results with no side effects.
  • Q:Please can I add hibiscus powder to my botanical indigo+henna hair dye kit to give shade of red ?or is the hibiscus powder meant only for cleansing purpose?
    A:Yes. You can add to henna for additional hair condoning and little extra red tinge.
  • Q:This product work for oily hair nd oily scalp?
    A:Yes. It works for oily skin and hair.
  • Q:is it helpful to avoid hair fall? is it chemical paraben and toxin-free?
    A:Yes. Hibiscus is known to control hair fall. It's free from all chemicals. Completely chemical free.
  • Q:How do i darken my grey hair with hibiscus powder?

    For this kindly go through our recipe book.

  • Q:Kya Pitt ki pathari hibiscus Powder se dur ho jati hai kitne Dino me?
    A:Many people use HIBISCUS Flower Powder for this purpose.
  • Q:Is it suitable to use as a Facepack?
    A:Yes. Many of our happy customers use as a face pack.
  • Q:Can I take this hibiscus powder for gollblader Stone and how many quantity​ of dose?
    A:please consult your doctor about this.
  • Q:Can I use it for beard growth?
    A:For beard growth, you can use our beard oil.
  • Q:What is the weight
    A:100g Pack of hibiscus powder
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