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Bio Organic SHIKAKAI Fruit Powder - (Net Quantity: 100 g)

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  • Net Quantity: 100 g
  • Manufactured and Packed By: Indus Cosmeceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
  • Address: 79, Industrial Area, Shoghi, Shimla - 171219, HP, India
  • Grievance Officer: Cust Rel Officer
  • Customer Care No.: +91-9717123456
  • Email:
  • Net Quantity: Net Quantity: 100g
  • Manufactured and Packed By: Indus Cosmeceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
  • Grievance Officer Name: Mr. Jagshyam
  • Customer Care No.: +91-9717123456
  • Email:
  • Address: 79, Industrial Area, Shoghi, Shimla - 171219, HP, India
  • A 100% trusted Organic product. Completely natural and Bio.
  • Is free from the presence of any added chemicals.
  • Enriched with the goodness of natural and fresh shikakai.
  • A natural shampoo for complete hair cleansing.
  • Nourishes hair, conditions the hair and makes hair grow faster.
  • Gives you Smooth n Shiny thick hair.
  • Good to naturally darken faded hair into young black.
  • Tested and Approved Product.

With the goodness of Vitamins and enriched Nutrients, Indus Valley natural Shikakai Powder truly care for your hair providing you the best experience with the product. Shikakai can smoothly cleanse the scalp, relief from itchings and hair damage transforming them into silky and shiny hair. The scalp and hair need proper conditioning and cleansing that Shikakai powder gives them that is rich with vitamins and antioxidants. Moreover, this natural cleanser lathers mildly and thus cleanses your scalp and hair gently while improving your hair’s texture. Once you get split ends, there is no way to heal that except to get a hair-cut and hope that the split ends don’t reappear when your hair grows out. This is where shikakai comes in as your hair savior. Gives you naturally healthy and smooth frizz-free hair.

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Shikakai is also known as “hair-fruit” or “fruit for hair”. It is an herb known in every Indian home for its wonderful properties in hair care. For natural hair care, shikakai has been used since ages. Indus Valley bio Organic Shikakai Powder comes with the goodness of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients; it is a unique product for hair care that addresses the issues of the hair with its nutritional properties. Accomplish in complete hair care, helps in restoring the health of unhealthy hair and boosting it up with adequate shine and boost hair growth like never before

Indus Valley Shikakai powder is a fresh and pure product that is used for hair care and is known to be a wonderful product in promoting the health of unhealthy hair and enhancing the natural shine and growth. This is a fully natural product and is made free from any added chemicals, parabens, etc. Shikakai has high nutritional quantities of Vitamin, therefore, it is helpful in the treatment of scalp related issues like dandruff, itching, flakiness, etc

  • With high nutritional quantities of Vitamin A, B, C, and D, it is the health booster for both the hair as well as the scalp.
  • Good for treatment of scalp related issues like dandruff, itching, etc.
  • Intensifies the volume of the hair.
  • Thickens hair and makes it stronger from the roots.
  • Supplies the required moisturizing and conditioning effects to hair.
  • Adds the shine to the hair.
  • Provides the needed natural oils to hair.

Organic and made with the utmost purity

100% Completely Natural Shikakai powder sourced from the organic Shikakai with no additives and preservatives to provides you the best and natural experience of the shikakai powder.

Thickens hair strands

Natural Shikakai is known for its hair growth boosting properties, it makes hair voluminous and thick. If you feel like you’ve been growing your hair for ages and with barely any visible growth in length, look no further than this natural Shikakai Powder. Since it is enriched with Biotin, a popular hair care vitamin, it nurtures hair from the root to tip. This prevents hair breakage and makes room for the strand to grow to its full potential.

Alter all scalp/hair issues

Anti fungal properties of Shikakai will helps to burst out all dandruff, irritations and damage of scalp and hair , It nurtures hair completely while penetrating them and making them glossy and healthy.

Actively replaces all Shampoos

Shikakai is the one that after application need no use of shampoo just wash it with plan water as it actively cleanses hair in a way better than any shampoo and will give smooth and clean hair.

The best ingredient for all DIY or Homemade Hair masks/ serums

This Organic Shikakai powder is a Must use ingredient when preparing any hair masks, oils or serums by your own as it wonderfully conditions hair with healthy hair growth.

For Silky Shiny Hair

Natural Shikakai Powder provides hairs’ deep nourishment and conditioning. Nourish the damage, softens the cuticles, toughened the roots and glorifies hair with smooth texture and luxuriously shiny, silky soft hair.

Contents of The Box:

  • 100gm Indus Valley Bio Organic Shikakai Natural Powder

Special Instructions:

  • Make sure to store in a place away from the reach of children.
  • Keep in a cool and dark place.
  • Solely to be used for external purposes.
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  • Q:Hello, I've bought Shikakai powder and Amla powder to resolve my scalp issue. Can I mix Shikakai powder and Amla powder to replace a conventional shampoo? Is it ok to apply coconut oil and aloe vela on to the scalp before using Shikakai powder shampoo? T
    A:Yes. Absolutely ok
  • Q:can this be used every day after shampoo?
    A:Yes. You can use it to provide the nourishment to shampoo hair.
  • Q:hello! how can we use shikakai powder as shampoo can you give me a suggestion or recipe thank you!
    A:Add 2 tbsp of shikakai powder,2 tbsp of Reetha powder and 1 tbsp of Amla Powder,10 drops of neem oil, 5 drops of olive oil and 4 tbsp of water,store it in a glass jar and stir it well before use. Apply the paste to your hair for 20 minutes Wash it away under running water. Apply a mild shampoo and wash your hair. Then, gently dry your hair.
  • Q:Can I add Shikakai Powder and Reetha Powder with Dark brown Heena Powder to apply on my scalp?
    A:yes, you can use.
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