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Bio-Organic Original Himalayan Salt - 250 gm

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himalayan Salt
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  • Stabilizes your body’s pH: The high mineral content helps in stabilizing the body’s pH levels
  • Regulates blood sugar: Chromium in Himalayan Salt helps to regulate blood sugar along with vanadium, manganese and magnesium
  • Turns down signs of aging: By long-lasting hydration and deep cleansing, it reverses the effects of aging
  • Improves respiratory diseases: The salt lamp can purify the air by removing pollution, dust and smoke, which also heals the lungs

Indus Valley’s Bio-Organic Himalayan Spring Salt is a rock salt mined from the Himalayan foothills in the region of Pakistan. It contains more than 84 minerals and elements, including iron, potassium and calcium. All these minerals help with our body’s detoxification and promote the removal of bacteria. The Bio-Organic Himalayan Salt has a pinkish hue due to mineral impurities and is primarily used as a food accompaniment as table salt, but is also used as an exceptional additive to homemade hair or skin beauty mask as it allows better absorption of the minerals. It, thus, hydrates your skin from head to toe.

Normalizes blood sugar

Having very low or too high blood sugar levels can end you up with serious consequences and if it becomes extreme it can lead to diabetes. The salt is beneficial for both diabetics and non- diabetics, for the ones who are already suffering, ample intake of Himalayan Salt can put the body into an ideal state. This effect is due to its 4 key minerals—chromium, vanadium, manganese and magnesium well-known for maintaining blood sugar levels.

Neutralizes pH of the body

The Himalayan Salt helps activate the salivary glands which release an enzyme that helps in digesting carbohydrates, named as amylase that stimulates hydrochloric acid and other enzymes in the stomach to digest proteins and also works in breaking down food. This helps in digestion and also cures acidity making the body pH-level neutral.

Beneficial for skin and hair

The Himalayan Salt is popularly used as a scrub or exfoliator. It physically sloughs off the dead skin cells and leaves the skin supersoft. The salt is also used to exfoliate the scalp unclogging hair follicles and boosting hair gloss. Scrubbing the scalp increases blood circulation enhancing the hair texture and growth. The salt also helps in reducing the breakout of acne by deep cleansing the skin, absorbing dirt and toxins. It may sound like a surprise, but Himalayan Salt can actually pacify sensitive and dull skin and the benefits go beyond the dermis to relieve the sore muscles. All these benefits end up giving the skin a plump and shine which always keeps it young inside out.

A great natural air purifier

Himalayan Salt is the purest of all salts available as it has no toxins, chemicals or pollutants whatsoever. It contains the same 84 natural minerals that are present in the human body. Our ancestors used Himalayan Salt to treat respiratory conditions for millennia. In recent years also it is used in modern salt therapy, which comprises of Himalayan Salt Lamps and Inhalers, which are quite popular. Unlike other drugs or steroid inhalers, the salt does not react or have side effects. Himalayan inhalers can provide relief during troubled breathing or interim relief for symptoms of asthma, sinus or hay fever.


Pure Himalayan Salt with no artificial fragrances.

How to Use:

For acne-free even skin tone
  1. Mix 1 tbsp. of grounded Himalayan Salt, 1 tbsp. of Honey, and 4 tbsp. of Calamine Clay Powder.
  2. Add 1-2tbsp. of Rose Water.
  3. Apply it on your skin.
  4. After 15 min wash it with lukewarm water.
  5. Use it regularly to get acne-free even skin tone.
For hair detangling and softening
  1. Mix 1 tbsp. of Himalayan Salt in a cup of water.
  2. Add a 1 tbsp. of Argon Oil and stir them well.
  3. After shampooing, apply the paste on your damp hair.
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