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Multi-Surface Sanitizer

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Multi-Surface Sanitizer

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  • A powerful sanitizer and not just a disinfectant: San’tize Home Multi-Surface Sanitizer kills 99% bacteria and viruses. With 70% Isopropyl Alcohol content, it is lab tested for high germ-kill capacity, confirmed by Internationally Approved Testing Methods.
  • For both hard and soft surfaces: Just spray it on any surface whether porous or impermeable and wait till the spray evaporates. It is a sanitizer for all kinds of surfaces that we touch in our usual course of daily life.
  • Sanitizes without leaving any residue: San’tize multi-surface sanitizer spray sanitizes without leaving any residue. It is a pharma-grade sanitizer that can be sprayed even over plastic food packages and grocery bags.
  • Works easy: Just spray the multi-surface disinfectant cleaner directly over the surfaces you want to sanitize and wait for it to dry.
  • Made in India, for the world: Mixes the best of the ancient with that of the modern to keep all germs and viruses at bay, the most healthful way.

San’tize Multi-Surface Sanitizer is an advanced formulation that is absolutely indispensable for keeping harmful germs and viruses at bay. An easy-to-use multi-surface disinfectant cleaner all you need to do is just spray it over any surface that you want to sanitize. With a 99% germ-kill capacity, San’tize multi-surface disinfectant spray protects your home and office from most of the unwanted viral and bacterial intrusions.

The modern world has already faced four pandemics since the beginning of this century, raging havoc in our lives, forcing us to huddle in safe confinements. Thus, making it all the more necessary that we sanitize everything around us to create a safer, healthier surrounding. In the present time, more and more people are ordering essentials via the online delivery channels. Small essentials like food, medicine, groceries and more, are directly being delivered on our doorsteps. We are also not restraining ourselves from carrying handy items like umbrellas, bags, suitcases, etc, while going out. If any harmful bacteria or virus settles on the surfaces of these items, we could easily introduce them to our personal and intimate spaces—spaces where we daily eat, sleep or work. San’tize multi-surface sanitizer spray neutralises harmful germs and viruses that settle over pillows, bed sheets, curtains, sofa sets, table tops, chairs, sinks, bathroom tiles, shopping bags, sealed food cartons, plastic bags, beverage bottles, leather jackets, shoes, show pieces, doors, windows, kitchen slabs, carpets and even our clothes.

A powerful multi-surface sanitizer spray

San’tize Home Multi-Surface Sanitizer contains 70% Isopropyl Alcohol that makes it a very powerful disinfectant and a sanitizer spray. A pharma-grade sanitizer, its 99% germ-kill capacity has been confirmed by Internationally Approved Testing Methods carried out in world-class laboratory facilities.

Works on both hard and soft surfaces

San’tize multi-surface sanitizer works equally well on both porus as well as impermeable surfaces. You can spray it over curtains, sofa sets, cushions, carpets, pillows, bed sheets or over doors, bathroom slabs, window sills and floor tiles. It sanitizes all with equal efficiency.

Easy to use

San’tize multi-surface sanitizer spray comes in a ready-to-use, hand spraying pump. All you need to do is level the spraying pump over the surface you want to sanitize. Then squeeze the spraying nozzle to spray the sanitizer evenly over the surface. Then wait till it dries. San’tize multi-surface sanitizer spray sanitizes without leaving any residues.

A powerful blend for dual action

San’tize multi-surface sanitizer spray is a blend of natural ingredients mixed with powerful chemical disinfectants. Combined together, it has been tested for superior disinfecting results. Since its formulation is not completely chemical so it is the only sanitizer in the world that is not just extremely tough on viruses, bacteria and germs, but is also gentle on the skin and environment. However, care must be taken to avoid direct ingestion or consumption.


  • 10X Germ Protection
  • 10X Better Cleaning
  • Removes 100X Stains


  • For external use only
  • Do not use on electrical/ electronic devices, hot surfaces, compound woods or acrylic plastics
  • Keep away from heat and flame
  • Avoid putting in the eyes. If at all it accidentally enters the eyes rinse immediately with water.


  • Hold the Multi-Surface Sanitizer Spraying bottle upright close to the pre-cleaned surface that you want to sanitize
  • Spray all over and wait until dry
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