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Damage Free Natural Hair Color - 6 Shades

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  • Damage-free hair colour: No Ammonia, No Hydrogen Peroxide (Bleach) and No PPD
  • Cruelty-free and vegan: 90% natural hair colour with certified organic ingredients, untested on animals so cruelty-free, contains no animal parts so vegan
  • For a non-drippy, non-messy hair colouring experience: Gel based formulation that is easy to mix into a paste and apply giving you a clean, non-messy hair colouring experience
  • Certified organic and Doctor Recommended: All ingredients are certified organic by Bio-Natural while the hair colour comes as Doctor Recommended
  • With the goodness of 8 organic herbs: Nourishes, moisturizes and strengthens your scalp and hair
  • Effectively covers the greys: Just a single application required to effectively cover grey hair

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The Damage-Free Gel Hair Colours bring the best of old and new to a single product. A brilliant innovation from the house of Indus Valley Cosmeceuticals, it adds the goodness of 8 magical organic herbs with the convenience of a gel based hair colour. While the herbs comprehensively nourish, moisturize and strengthen the hair from root to tip, the gel base makes it super easy to prepare and apply the hair colour. Particularly ideal for working professionals, who constantly look out for quick and easy but wholesome hair colouring solutions, Indus Valley’s Gel Hair Colours are today being preferred even in high-fashion circles of the world. Generic hair colours around the world have gained infamy for their usage of harmful chemicals like Ammonia, Bleach (Hydrogen Peroxide) and PPD (Paraphenylenediamine). Indus Valley’s Damage-Free Gel Hair Colours come as a breath of fresh air for all fashion enthusiasts who want to add that streak of character with bright hair colours on their crowning glories. The gel base makes the entire colouring process quick and easy, giving you bright natural looking hair colours in just an hour of your valuable time spent. And since the colour once applied is non-drippy so you get a clean and breezy hair colouring experience without the hair colour dripping onto your forehead, shoulders, and clothes.

Result of Damage Free Natural Hair Color - 6 Shades

The only hair colour that colours with activated Oxygen

No Ammonia, No Bleach, No PPD.
Unlike chemical based hair colours
Indus Valley’s New Damage-Free Gel Hair Colour works with Oxygen. Just Oxygen and 8 magical herbs…
What could be more damage-free?

Ammonia makes hair dry & brittle causing hair fall

When applied, chemical hair colours release dangerous Ammonia that sucks the natural moisturizing oil Sebum from hair, since rough surfaces catch colour better. But this makes hair dry and brittle, the perfect reason for hair breakage and hair fall.

Bleach turns even your black hair to white

While Ammonia makes the hair surface rough and dry, Hydrogen Peroxide (Bleach) indiscriminately whitens all hair (be it white or black) to help the artificial colour settle and be more effective. This repeated mass whitening, on prolonged usage of chemical based hair colours, turns even your black hair to white permanently, meaning total increase in number of white hair.

Bleach permanently blocks the production of natural black hair

Bleach not only permanently whitens hair, it also destroys the Tyrosinase Cells, which are responsible for creating Melanin. Don’t forget Melanin is the component that adds colour to our skin and hair. So bleach leaves no provision for hair to regain its natural colour.

Active Natural Ingredients

Aloe Vera: Hydrates and nourishes the hair from their root up, ads shine and lustre to hair.
Wheat Germ: Nourishes the hair and scalp and protects from the harmful UV rays of the sun, makes hair smooth, soft and silky.
Amla: Revitalizes the hair from their root up, assists in hair growth, adds volume and shine.
Henna: Revitalizes and conditions the hair and scalp.
Sunflower: Battles dandruff, controls frizz, stops breakage and promotes hair growth.
Basil: Nourishes the scalp making your hair stronger and shinier.
Jojoba: Prevents split ends and hair damage, nourishes the scalp to give you healthier, glossier hair.
Orange Peel: A powerful antioxidant and antibacterial that gives you strong, bouncy and shiny hair.

How to Use

  • Step 1: Pre-shampoo your hair and towel dry. Mix sachets of hair color powder and gel tube in a plastic bowl (quantity depending on hair length) with glove-covered hands. One sachet with quarter gel tube for neck length hair, two sachets with half a tube for shoulder length and three to four sachets with more than half of gel tube for longer hair.
  • Step 2: Apply the mixture with the help of 2-in-1 applicator brush. Using a comb part each section, and apply the mix from root to tip and rest it for 30-35 minutes. For the stubborn greys, also apply heat or blow dry for the first 10-15 minutes. Then, keep it for another 30-35 minutes.
  • Step 3: Wash hair under running water. Then shampoo with the colour protective shampoo.
  • Step 4: After shampooing, apply Hair Eaze Spa Mask for hair conditioning. Rinse with water and towel dry.
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  • Q:Is it 100% free from chemicals?
    A:It is free from harmful chemicals NO PPD, No Ammonia, No Hydrogen Peroxide, No Heavy Metal
  • Q:Are there any ingredients that are not listed on the label?
    A:No, everything is mentioned on Label.
  • Q:It has any side effects
    A:No, it does not have any side effects, but still, we suggest to do a patch test before.
  • Q:it is said that this color is 90% natural then what about remaining 10%
    A:10% are gel stabilizer, pigments and preservatives.
  • Q:Can it be applied on heena based hair
    A:Yes, you can apply.
  • Q:Can the gel hair dye be stored once we open one sachet for men with short hair.
    A:Opened sachet can't be stored but opened gel is ok to store.
  • Q:It has base of mehndi???
    A:No, Indus Valley Gel Hair Color is not based on mehndi.
  • Q:Does it cause hairfall
    A:No, it does not, many happy customers are using it.
  • Q:Other hair color increase the grey hair after every usage. Will this have the same effect?
    A:No, it is for covering grey hair.
  • Q:I m using l'oreal hair clour no 4...according to this which shade suits me from your shade card
    A:You can choose any shade as according to your hair color, However we suggest 1 shade lighter than your hair color.
  • Q:As I am regular user of L'Oréal dark brown colour so cn I used this product?
    A:You can it according to your color of your hair.
  • Q:If I apply this on black hair ,will I get a vibrant red hair colour?
    A:This will give red tinge on the black hair. Not red colour on black.
  • Q:My 12 year old daughter has premature grey hair. Can I use this hair color for her? Will it increase grey hair like other hair colours?
    A:Gel color doesn't contain hydrogen peroxide and hence it will never increase gray hair.
  • Q:Is there compulsory to use indus valley hair eaze spa after gel colouring ?
    A:No, it is not compulsory but you can use it for better results.
  • Q:How many colors are available in this gel color?
    A:Total 6 Shades are available in Gel Hair Color.
  • Q:Is this color helpful to regrowth my hair?

    This is hair color, for hair growth use our growout hair oil.

  • Q:What is colour preventive shampoo
    A:when we use hair colour then use shampoo to save colours.
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