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Indus Black Botanical Hair Color

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Free Hand Sanitizer-30ml with each Order ( Until Stock Last)

  • Enriched with 8 Certified organic herbs.
  • 100% Natural, Fresh, Mild & Herbaceous effects.
  • No PPD, No Ammonia, and no Chemical what so ever, guaranteed.
  • Pleasing Substitute for Hypo Allergic and Sensitive People.
  • Recommended By Dermatologists Worldwide.
  • Perfect Grey Hair Coverage.
  • Trusted & Certified; Ecocert Organic, USDA Organic, India Organic Certified.

Quantity :
  • 120g (60g + 60g) Powder Base

I am a Botanical hair Color of Indus Valley specifically improvised with the goodness of nature including 8 essential herbs works synergistically for hair considering allergic or sensitive people respectively. I am completely satisfactory solution for the sensitive or to the hypo allergenic people and for the Organic and nature lovers. The herbs will soothes the issues like dandruff, dryness and will shield the coloration against all environmental factors (dirt, pollution and sun) to make it stay it for a long and meanwhile gives perfect rich coloration.

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100% certified organic herbs based, Allergy-free Hair Color, Gives perfect dark Color to hair with & helps to combat all hair issues like dandruff, itching, irritations, hair fall, dryness, and others. Perfectly Suitable for the people having more grey hairs. Smart replacement of profit-based commercial chemical hair colors. Regular uses of 100% Botanical 100% Organic Indus black hair colour helps in re-growth & adds volume to hairs, helps in making hair shiny, bouncy and healthier.

  • Chamomile, Henna, Madder, and Indigo: Herbs nurtured the hair for the outcome of Rich, Vibrant, and Lifelong Luminous hair color. With its all-natural herbal base, this hair colour not only gives you long-lasting hair colour, but also nourishes, protects and moisturizes your hair, giving it volume and shine-enhancing the Color shade

  • Amla, Fenugreek, Brahmi, and Colorless Henna: Penetrates each strand of hairs thoroughly while nourishing the hair follicles from roots that will boost up the natural hair growth and results in Young, happy and beautiful hairs. These herbs will soothe all irritation and itching of the scalp, moisturizes it deeply giving complete roots to strands nourishment.

Coloration Accessories in a Pack

2 Hair Color Pouches (60 g each) of Pack A and Pack B

Pack A- Pack A is basically a primer or a base Color that will gently soothe each strand of the hair especially the damage. Nourish and conditions them deeply from follicles to tresses. This will exfoliate the hair and nurtures them against the damage. Pack A will give you reddish-orange color or maybe a light brown hair color after the wash. The pack is to nutrify hair with essential nutrients soothing all scalps, hair issues like dandruff, flakes, split ends and itching presenting supple smooth hair.

Pack B- Pack B is a color that actually gave dark coloration while covers all grey/faded hairs revolutionizing them into black. This is a second step process for application finally fetches the desired hair color with lustrous shine and gloss. Pack B contains the absolutely organic hair color with no chemicals and no irritable colors, only prepared with the herbs that will be applied to get perfect dark black hair color actively covering all grey and introduces you young black glossy hair.

Pair of Gloves

Protects your hands from staining while coloring the hair.


Applicator Brush

Perfect hairy applicator brush for proper application to color all the hairs to all tresses.

Shower cap

The shower cap will trap in the heat to presents the rich vibrant coloration.A shower cap will trap in the heat to presents the rich vibrant coloration.

Why Botanical Hair Color:

Botanical Hair Color is the safest and the most natural hair color, perfect substitute of profit-based chemical hair colors. This hair color is suitable for all skin types including hypo allergens or sensitive people and to all age groups. Even the product is best suitable to pregnant women and the lactating mothers due to its herbal nature.

Even though it does not contain any chemicals, it gives you good grey hair coverage and glossy young and dark hairs soothing all hair issues and boosting the healthy hair. Top notch service is our main motive.


Certifications/ Tested/ Trusted

Indus Valley Botanical Hair Color is Organic India, Ecocert Pvt. Ltd. and USDA Organic Certified. The Botanical Color is being laboratory tested for safety and evolve-“Violence against the animals”.  Botanical hair color is recommended by Dermatologists or doctors worldwide.

How to Use:

  1. Prewash your hair with a mild or color protective shampoo.
  2. Mix Pack A powder in boiled water and prepare a thick paste with no lumps and granules.
  3. Hair color powder quantity depends on the hair length. For neck to shoulder length, use half to one sachet.
  4. Apply the paste with the help of applicator brush with gloves covered hand (accessories provided in a box).
  5. Keep it for 45 minutes.
  6. Rinse the residue properly under running water, tap dry your hair.
  7. You will get a brownish-orange hair color.
  8. Now prepare a paste with Pack B following the same procedure as Pack A.
  9. Keep it for another 30 - 40 minutes, if you have more stubborn grey hair then keep it for an hour.
  10. Cover your hair with a shower cap (provided in a box) to protect hair color paste from dirt & water during the coloration.
  11. Wash your hair with water and Indus Valley color protective shampoo to make hair color vibrancy lasts long.
  12. Finally, you will get rich Black hair color.

Certifications/ Tested/ Trusted

Indus Black Botanical Hair Color Certified with Organic India, Ecocert Pvt. Ltd. and USDA Organic. The Indus Black Botanical Hair Color is being laboratory tested for safety and purity but we are strictly against animal testing. Indus Black Botanical Hair Color is recommended by Dermatologists or doctors worldwide.


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  • Q:I am allergic to all chemicals including PPD.Can I use this product.hope it doesn't contain ppd.please reply to my mail
    A:Indus Valley 100% Botanical organic color is Free from chemicals & it's 100% organic, made-up with 8 Certified organic herbs. So, yes you can easily use it.
  • Q:is is pure ?
    A:Yes, it's Pure.
  • Q:Difference between 100% Botanical Hair Color and Gel Hair Color ?

    Gel hair colors are natural & Botanical Hair color is Organic. Gel Hair Colour is free of harmful chemicals like ammonia, PPD or Hydrogen peroxide. 100% Botanical Organic hair color is free from any chemical whatsoever.



    1. Meant for people who had allergies with any hair color in the past.
    2. 100% Certified Organic, Provides Color & Treatment in one go.
    3. Great for young people with initial gray hair.
    4. Presence of henna + 7 more herbs (for coloring, hair nourishment & treatment)


    1. Perfect for first-time users.
    2. 100% Gray hair coverage with rich coloration.
    3. Results in a single application.
    4. Extra Safe, Gentle hair color with certified organic herbs.
    5. Perform allergy patch test as some people might be allergic to any vegetable or herb present in the color.
  • Q:Difference between Botanical Hair Color and Henna Hair Color?

    Botanical Hair color is having Coloring herbs and Hair Treatment herbs. Henna Hair Color has only coloring herbs that are henna, Cassia and Indigo.

  • Q:What are the Ingredients in Botanical Hair Color?

    Chamomile Flower Powder, Henna Leaf Powder, Madder Roots Powder, Neutral Henna Leaf Powder, Amla Fruit Powder, Brahmi Leaf Powder, Indigo Leaf Powder, Fenugreek seed powder.

  • Q:Can I use it to colour my beard?
    A:Yes. You can.
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