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This small size, great packet coloring kit is the ultimate friend that every man or woman must have for covering their small gray areas. While the hair colors available in the market, usually address complete color application, this capsule is specially designed for overing the grays of small areas like root touch ups, hair line, sideburn, moustaches, beard, temples or any other area where you need a little color. Super Handy and available in a travel-friendly pack aging, it can be used anywhere. Whether you have a flight to catch, a meeting to attend, a family function to enjoy, this capsule hair color can be your super speedy savior from all those disturbing grays, since it does not require an immediate head wash post application.

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Capsule beard hair color

A Noble Exclusive Capsule Hair Color Kit To Color

A Noble Exclusive Capsule Hair Color Kit To Color

Specially Designed to Address Coloring Needs of small areas and all other kinds of facial hairs it effectively covers resistant gray hair and color stays as long up to 6 weeks.

Super Handy and Easy To Use

Super Handy and Easy To Use

Designed with an ecological vision so that only the required quantity is used and there is no scope for wastage, this hair and beard dye kit cans Be Used As Many As For 20 Applications. Moreover since it does not require an immediate haed wash, it can be used anywhere.

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Multifunctional And Economical

Multifunctional And Economical

This Revolutionary black beard hair color can be used on moustaches, beard, temple area, side burns, goatty or any other area wherein there is a need of minimum color application.

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The Perfect Reliable Choice

The Perfect Reliable Choice

This hair and beard dye kit Contains Natural Haircare herbs like Certified Organic Aloevera and Jojoba. Also since it contains No Ammonia and is Clinically Tested, it is the ultimate choice for the coverage of your small areas.

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How to use

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Wear gloves, Twist & open one capsule content in measuring cup (provided in the kit) and Add 2.5 ml water in a measuring cup with the help of a pipette. (1 capsule is sufficient for small areas like root touch ups, goatty, sideburns etc.)

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Use a cotton bud to gently apply the cleanser over the desired coloring area.

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Now gently massage in and rub off. Reapply if needed. After cleansing, rinse cleansed area (with the cotton pad) off with water to remove all traces of cleanser and pat it dry.

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Apply the hair color with the special brush(provided in the box) specifically designed for small areas like goatty, temples, root touch ups, side burns etc.

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Leave on for around 30 minutes. For darker or stubborn grey hair keep it for longer time.

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After coloring, use cleanser to remove colorant and its traces. Rinse cleansed area off with water using cotton pad to remove all the left traces of cleanser and pat dry.