Indus Valley Organically Natural Hair Colour Recommendations



These colours are very good. These are very well accepted by the patients. The best part is that they do not have any kind of wax which are unwanted like hair fall or any itching or some kind of pigmentation in the skin, this is the best part. Only problem which patients say is that which is a valid reason that this particular product takes a long time as compared to their other normal conventional dyes which they are using for 5-10 minutes or 15 minutes. But never have they said, they are accepting it very well. This is pure natural product, no additives and nothing. So patients they are loving to it.


You know patients are suffering from like sanities, white hairs and they are also coming to me for like hair dye applications which hair dye to be used and which is small like to safe in that that even some people was allergic to specific dye. They want alternative because all that which are available in the market and even the henna which are taking from the market which causes irritation, allergic reaction and they all want alternative to it. I am using ““Indus Valley”” product that has come which I am prescribing to my patients since last 6 months and available in 2 forms like Gel form and 100% Botanical form. Gel form is 90% effective, 100 % is more natural, who is allergic to PPD or something 100 % form is very good and the gel form its natural form which is not allergic but they want some alternative which is safe and not going to damage their hair because gel form is very good. The results are very good. Most of my patients they like it.


“Indus Valley” products, the “Indus Valley” hair colours that is 100 % organic and the Gel colour are using for our patients for approximately 6-8 months now. All those patients who are allergic or having dermatitis as we call it they develop redness, irritation, itching and at times some watery discharge on the scalp. In these hair colours this application is not seen. These colours are ideal for those who are allergic to other hair colours. Even Henna that is available in the market now-a-days contains PPD and that can also give rise to irritation. Those people who are allergic to other hair colours and henna can use it without any side effects and it’s a great alternative for all of them.


My problem is that my hair have been solid excessively seen from about 4-5 years. I tried to change of dye. I tried a number of shampoos, oils and therapies but nothing worked. Then someone suggested me “Indus Valley”. They recommended to me and I shifted over to “Indus Valley” and luckily I would say touchwood. My hairs stooped falling after using “Indus Valley” for nearly 6 months only which is not a very long period time. So after 6 months I started feel the difference, hair fall was checked, new growth has come up and what’s more I have regained my glomming glory.


I am using “Indus Valley” 100 % botanical colour. It is PPD free and the result is good and does not react because it does not have any PPD. I am using black colour.