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Henna Leaf Powder - (Net Quantity: 100 g)

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  • Net Quantity: 100 g Pack - ₹99
  • Net Quantity: 500 g Pack - ₹399
  • Manufactured and Packed By: Indus Cosmeceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
  • Address: 79, Industrial Area, Shoghi, Shimla - 171219, HP, India
  • Grievance Officer: Cust Rel Officer
  • Customer Care No.: +91-9717123456
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  • 100% pure Bio-Organic Henna Leaf Powder: Obtained from the dried leaves of fresh-cut crop of organically grown Rajasthani Henna (Lawsonia inermis), one of the finest in the world
  • Triple-sifted, microfine powder: Made into a microfine, triple-sifted powder form that doesn’t lump even on prolonged packing, very easy to use and apply as it forms into a fine paste very easily
  • No harmful chemicals whatsoever: Organic Henna leaves plucked directly from plants by dedicated farmers, Ammonia-Free, PPD-Free, Bleach-Free and Heavy Metal-Free, no fertilizers or pesticides, no artificial preservatives or fragrances used
  • Certified organic by reputed international entities—USDA and ECOCERT SA
  • A natural hair conditioner that also nourishes your hair
  • An AFFORDABLE family pack of 500 gms to buy Henna powder for hair online

Indus Valley’s Bio-Organic Henna Leaf Powder is a ready-made 100% pure and organic hair colour that has no chemicals whatsoever. It leaves your hair excitingly colourful in the safest way possible. Henna is enriched with antioxidants, so Bio-Organic Henna Leaf Powder also doubles up as a natural conditioner for your hair which causes no side effects or hair damage. The leaves are directly sourced from Rajasthani Henna (Lawsonia inermis) Plant by dedicated farmers and so is completely free from all chemicals. So much so that it does not even have any fertilizer or pesticide residues. The leaves are shade dried and then ground into a triple-sifted microfine powder form that never lumps even on prolonged packaging. This superfine powder quality also makes it very easy for the users to make it into a fine paste for non-messy, smooth applications. Henna Powder is known for its additional hair care benefits like nourishing the scalp, conditioning the rough and dry hair and enhancing the hair texture as well. You can mix it with other natural hair dyes like organic Indigo, Chamomile or Manjishtha Root powder to get other exciting hair colours.

Lump-free microfine powder

To make the hair colouring process easy and non-messy for you, Indus Valley’s 100% Pure Henna Leaf Powder is triple-sifted and refined to remove all impurities to make it into a microfine powder. The powder is so fine that it doesn’t form lumps even after prolonged packaging. This superfine and organic Henna powder turns into a smooth paste very quickly and also enables you to apply it with ease on your hair.

Ideal for allergy-prone and sensitive skin

Henna leaves are plucked directly by dedicated farmers from fresh crop of Rajasthani Henna (Lawsonia inermis) Plant and shade dried for grinding. The crops are grown organically, hence completely devoid of any chemicals, even from fertiliser and pesticide residues. Ideal for those with allergy-prone and sensitive skin, Indus Valley’s Bio-Organic Henna Leaf Powder is safe for all hair types. Enriched with nutrients and antioxidants it doesn’t damage the hair cuticles and promotes hair growth.

Certified organic Henna leaf powder

Indus Valley’s Bio-Organic Henna Leaf Powder is certified organic by USDA and ECOCERT SA. It is widely used for its multiple hair care benefits like hair conditioning, hair nourishment and safe hair colouring. It gives complete grey hair coverage over a single application. Also, the nutrients of Henna condition the scalp to control dandruff, hair loss and repair hair damage caused by excessive use of generic or chemical based hair dyes.

An affordable, unisex hair colour

With no harmful side effects, Indus Valley’s microfine henna leaf powder can be used by both men and women at home to colour their grey strands. If you are looking to buy the best henna powder for hair at an affordable price, then this product would suit your purposes. Comes in a convenient family pack of 500 gms, Indus Valley’s 100% Pure Henna Leaf powder can be easily mixed with water and applied by anyone. Coming in a firm plastic bottle, the powder has a long shelf-life. One box is enough for multiple applications and super-affordable for all.

Active Ingredients

Crushed organic powder of 100% pure Rajasthani Henna leaves plucked directly from plants by dedicated farmers.

How to use

  • Mix Henna Leaf Powder with water and keep it overnight or for 2-3 hours before application. You can add curd for additional conditioning.
  • Apply evenly on hair length using a brush and let it settle within roots for 45 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water to get glossy rich hair colour.
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  • Q:Difference between Henna leaf powder and Herbal Henna powder?
    • Henna Leaf powder is pure red henna based powder that can be use for hair coloration or for hands art & design.
    • Herbal Henna prepared with Henna +7 nourishing herbs only for hair nourishment.
  • Q:I easily got allergy from Hairs colors , so is it safe to use for me?

    For allergic people with hair colors, we suggest going with our botanical hair color

  • Q:Can it be used for the beard?

    For beard use our beard color

  • Q:1. What is the difference between Henna Leaf Powder and Herbal Heena Powder? 2.Don'tI need to shampoo my hair to wash off paste in Both the cases?
    A:You can use color protective shampoo.
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