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Fresh Rose Water

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  • Pure Ayurvedic Himalayan spring water purified Fresh Rose Water Toner for skin & face.
  • Bliss of 100% natural Fresh Rose flowers and Grapefruit. Infused with zero chemicals & adulterations.
  • Locks Skin moisture making skin supple and glowing tone with smoother skin texture.
  • Tightens the skin pores preventing skin dullness, blackheads & pigmentation maintain even skin tone.
  • Soothing, Healing, Glowing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory purposes.
  • Since there are no artificial ingredients in this natural toner, good for all kinds of skin types.

Quantity : 250ml

Indus Valley Fresh Rose Water Toner is a wonderful natural-based rose water toner that got from fresh roses and Himalayan Spring water. Further, indulge with the goodness of Grapefruit Seed benefits for skin rejuvenation. The face toner will glow up the skin tone for beautiful skin looks. Infuse with the Himalayan spring water, Rose flower and Grapefruit seed extract. It has mild astringent properties that help tighten your skin pores and further block the dirt & pollution to enter the skin thus controls the blackheads & dullness. As it is blended with only natural ingredients and no chemicals thus give beautiful impacts with no itching, just delivers the beauty and freshness to the skin.

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Soothe & Refresh your skin with a refreshing Indus Valley facial Rose Water Toner that smells appealing to let you enjoy the bliss of fresh roses and give wonderful impacts on the skin. Rose water is used to lighten the skin pigmentation, it removes oil & dirt from your skin, by unclogging your pores. It can be used to make a natural lip balm, used in DIY lotions, cream and skincare products, the best ingredient to add for all DIY skincare or cosmetic recipes like blush, lip balm, lipstick, compact and others.

  • Himalayan Spring Water is a way to get beautiful skin, it helps to regenerate new skin cells replacing the old. Help skin appears more youthful & radiant.
  • Rose flower calms the skin and fetches radiant glow & natural blush to the face. Also good for anti-aging purposes keeps wrinkles & fine lines at bay. Most importantly refreshes & revitalizes the skin to get Soft Supple Skin tone.
  • Grapefruit rich in antioxidant Vitamin C helps fight sun, dirt & pollution. Controls the skin damage, exfoliate dead skin cells and promotes the glowing complexion.
  • Glycerin moisturizes the skin without making skin oily as get quickly absorbed in the skin. Lightens the skin tone making it flawless.

Key ingredient to almost all Skincare/Facial care recipes

Fresh Rose water is such a wonderful ingredient that can spark almost all the homemade recipes and found in most of the Organic personal care or cosmetic products. Damn soothing & calming; comfort the infected skin, even the texture and flaunt the skin complexion.

Refines & Shrink pores, Tighten Skin for Rejuvenated Skin looks

This amazing natural Skin toner tightens the skin pores and is a wonderful face mist. This face mist is a beautiful morning pick-me-up agent, helps maintain a good skincare routine meanwhile settles the makeup. It helps to freshen up skin by penetrating the pores. It has nutrients and helps to provide mild hydration.

Brightens the Skin Adding Glow & Shine

This makes the skin perfectly glowing and beams it with the ultimate shine. Especially after a long-wearing makeup, the rose water is a must following routine suggested by the dermatologists to keep skin healthy and well-moisturized.

Soothe & Soften Dry Skin

Prevent Spot & Pimples, manages the even skin tone and presents spot-free soft supple skin. After a shower, spritz on or apply this rose water toner on the skin as soap may cause dryness to the skin but this moisturizing toner will provide the after nourishment to the skin for soft touch impacts.

Relaxes & Calms skin and undereye to enhance Beautification

Rose water has an amazing cooling property that can calm all sunburn, redness or infected skin with its calming soothing properties. Natural Rose water toner with the goodness of Grapefruit wonders soothing undereye, relax & calm the eye puffiness beautifying the facial features.

Fresh Rose water Refreshes Skin

Rose water beauty benefits go on and on. It is beneficial for ample of skin concerns and beauty benefits. The Fresh Rose water toner indulges with fresh roses and the Himalayan spring water glows your face like never before.

How to Use:

  • Pre-wash your face with a mild face wash, pat dries the face with towel or tissue.
  • Wet the cotton ball with a Fresh Rose Water Toner.
  • Dab it gently all over your face.
  • Let it air dry.
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    A:Yes, you can use it daily in the morning.
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