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100% Pure Chamomile Essential Oil - (Net Quantity: 15 ml)

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  • Net Quantity: 15 ml
  • Manufactured and Packed By: Indus Cosmeceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
  • Address: 79, Industrial Area, Shoghi, Shimla - 171219, HP, India
  • Grievance Officer: Cust Rel Officer
  • Customer Care No.: +91-9717123456
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Quick Overview

  • Natural skin remedy: The oil effectively removes acne-scars, wrinkles and ageing signs by repairing dead skin cells. By hydrating your skin, it gives you a blemish-free radiant look
  • Natural antidepressant: Chamomile's soothing fragrance is known for its tranquilising properties that relax your mind and rejuvenate your body by reducing stress and anxiety
  • 100% non-toxic: Extracted from fresh Chamomile flowers through cold-pressed extraction method, it is free from all kinds of toxic chemicals
  • Dermatologists certified: A unisex oil, it is gentle on the skin without any side effects and thus certified by skincare experts for its multiple skin and hair care properties
  • Natural anti-dandruff solution: Rich in antioxidants, the 100% Pure Chamomile Essential Oil effectively removes dandruff by controlling excess oil on the scalp and nourishing it to improve hair quality

Indus Valley’s 100% Pure Chamomile Essential Oil is the concentrated organic extract of Chamomile flowers derived from the plant of the same name. There are two kinds of Chamomile flowers available in nature which are famous for their multiple health and skin benefits: Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile. The Chamomile Essential Oil made from German Chamomile flowers is renowned for its potential skincare and haircare benefits. Being a rich source of antioxidants, the oil possesses analgesic, antidepressant and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it an excellent oil for skin, hair and other purposes. The oil is useful for sensitive skin in its most natural form, and thus to preserve its qualities, the essential oil has been cold-pressed extracted, free from all kinds of toxic elements. As there are no harmful chemicals added, Pure Chamomile Essential Oil is safe to use for skin and hair without any side effects.

A complete skin therapy oil

It works as an effective natural remedy for your skin and its anti-inflammatory properties soothe your skin to provide relief against skin itching, redness or acne-pain. It detoxifies the skin impurities to give you acne-free skin and reduces dark spots. Its antioxidants work on the dead skin cells to repair and rejuvenate them, thus removing all ageing signs and wrinkles on regular usage. Chamomile Essential Oil naturally moisturises your skin cells to give you all-day-long hydrated and radiant skin.

Mood-enhancing aroma

The soothing sweet aroma of fresh Chamomile flowers elevates your mood by working directly on your muscles and brain. It gives you a relaxing sensation by reducing your anxiety and stress. The oil is used in Aromatherapy to calm your mood.

An affordable, certified, unisex product

With so many benefits, Indus Valley’s 100% Pure Chamomile Essential Oil is safe and gentle to use by both men and women. You can buy pure chamomile essential oil for skin and hair at an affordable price online. Due to its natural and significant skincare properties, it is certified by Dermatologists as a germ-free organic chamomile essential oil.

Natural haircare solution

Pure Chamomile Essential Oil not only works as an anti-dandruff oil for your hair, but it also accentuates the natural hair colour. Its anti-inflammatory properties work on itchy scalp to soothe it. It nourishes your scalp to retain its moisture level and strengthens your hair to give you soft and healthy hair.

Active Ingredients

Cold-pressed extracts of organic Chamomile flowers in a concentrated form, with additional natural ingredients. It contains no harmful chemicals, not even fertilizer or pesticide residues.

Directions to Use

  • To use Indus Valley's 100% Pure Chamomile Essential Oil for skin, wash your face with a harm-free soap or with any gentle face wash. Mix a little amount of the essential oil with any good carrier oil and apply directly on your face or on any other body part. Massage with light pressure for 4-5 minutes to get a spot-free radiant look.
  • To use Chamomile Essential Oil for hair, mix a little amount of it with any good carrier oil like Jojoba Oil or Coconut Oil. Use it for oiling purposes twice a week for best results.
  • Add a few drops of Chamomile Essential Oil in your bath, shampoo, face cream or other skincare product for regular usage.
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  • Q:which process used for the extraction of the oil
    A:Steam distillation is used.
  • Q:Can it be used on the skin?
    A:Essential oils are not advised to use directly on the skin.
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