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Rosemary Essential Oil 15ML

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  • 100% natural and organic fresh rosemary essential oil, free of chemicals & colors.
  • Steam distilled from fresh branches of shrub Rosmarinus officinalis.
  • Hair care, Skincare, and Aromatherapies.
  • Therapeutic aroma; a sense of bliss to your day!
  • Well-known essential oil for improving memory. Relieves muscle pain, relaxes the body.
  • Available with a dropper for easy use.
  • Ideal for men & women.
Quantity: 15ML

Indus Valley Rosemary Oil is gotten from the Rosmarinus Offcianils plant. This natural rosemary essential oil is having flexible uses and being used for head-to-toe care. It is useful for hair care; fortifies your hair development by elevating bloodstream to your scalp and influences your hair thick to long and solid from its underlying foundations. This pure rosemary essential oil benefits for beauty, health, cleaning, aromatherapy, and other purposes. Therapeutic Rosemary essential oil a decent pressure reliever and helpful as a decongestant and safe massage oil for the chest, back, and feet. It is likewise useful for healthy skin as it helps in keeping up the delicate skin and it gives a decent glow to your face and works as hostile to anti-aging. Well known oil for boosting memory and healthy cleaning purposes.

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Rosemary is a therapeutic shrub uses and benefits for body, mind, spirit and even home. Indus Valley prepares an all-natural and pure rosemary essential Oil with fresh rosemary herb to give the natural impacts and benefits. Rosemary oil for skin massage is used after dilution with lotions, cream or coconut oil and results in soft supple even skin tone with a beautiful glow. Rosemary oil head massage improves the scalp health directly impacts on boosting hair growth and toughen the roots to stop hair fall. Indus Valley Rosemary oil is pure and natural help sharpens memory, boosting mental health. Rosemary oil benefits in:

  • Tames frizz and controls hair fall.
  • Stops hair fall encourages healthy & lengthy hair.
  • Fights dirt, bacteria, and acne.
  • Cleanses skin for a healthy glowing look.
  • Anti-aging and antioxidant properties.
  • Calms muscles and pains.
  • Use in home cleaning & dusting for healthy cleaning.
  • Therapeutic aroma used in aromatherapies or body massages.
  • Good for memory boosting purposes.

Multipurpose DIY

Best for aromatherapy, body massage, skincare, hair care, diffusers, pain relief oil, memory enhancer, homemade lotions/creams/hair masks, bath bombs, laundry, insect repellant sprays, and use in the cleaning of homes, offices, and gardens.

Aromatherapy, Improves memory

It is scientifically proven that Rosemary essential improves the long term and working memory. Thus it is widely used in aromatherapies and for room fresheners. Or you can add a few drops to your daily bath to feel fresh all day long.

For strong & Healthy Hair

Promotes circulation in roots thus promotes healthy hair growth. Rosemary oil for hair care used with multi-functioning qualities. It promotes growth meanwhile stops the shedding of hair or the seasonal hair fall.

For skin infections &inflammation

Rosemary Oil has a stimulating effect on the skin. It can be diluted with fresh oils like jojoba oil helps in curing skin infections and redness of the face. It helps fight acne and deep cleanses the skin.

For cleaning purposes

Rosemary essential oil has high anti-bacterial properties thus helps in-floor cleaning, dusting or may be for laundry purposes. Also, it has repellant properties that protect you from insects and bacteria.

Reduces pains

Natural therapeutic rosemary oil works well for calming & soothing purposes. Rosemary oil used for body massage calms nerves and also relaxes muscles, joint pain; it also helps in relieving headaches. Widely used in aromatherapies.

Special Instructions:

  • All essential oils need to be diluted with water, other oils or in cosmetic products for use.
  • Not for direct use/applications.
  • Not directed to use on eye areas.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
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